What we do

We provide you with valid insights

  • Right research approach and expert  instrument  design
  • Careful selection of target consumers
  • Strict control of data quality
  • Advanced data analysis

We spare your time

  • Responsive and reliable service
  • Support and consulting from the project start to the end
  • Additional value by combining data from different available sources

We help you with changes

  • Focused, clear & visually appealing reporting
  • Adjusted to Clients’ needs (ppt, online reporting, workshops…)

How we do it

We carefully choose and combine different approaches to get the best insights:

  • Individual or small group discussions with consumers
  • Observation of consumers in natural situations like joining them at home or during shopping
  • Researches on large samples via structured questionnaires
  • Complex analyses of quantitative data

We use quality resources and digital platforms:

  • Our online panel of consumers ImproveOnline
  • Cooperation with partner panels in Croatia and around the world
  • Specialized digital platforms for conducting researches
  • Specialized studio for qualitative and usability researches

We conduct quantitative online researches for foreign markets.

Agile research

When a Client is involved in an internal process and needs a fast feedback, we can provide necessary insights in a matter of days. For example, when there is a need to prioritize ideas, get initial feedback on a potential product or service, explore attitudes and behaviors or narrow target audience.

Comprehensive studies

We can help make sense of a variety of demographics, needs and behaviors on the market, so our Clients can identify and understand most important customers (market segmentation). If Client wants to understand what drives customer loyalty, what differentiates the brand in the eyes of consumers, or measure the effectiveness of communication, we will employ our expertise to provide needed insights.

‘Of the shelf’ studies

Financial services market tracking is a quarterly measurement of financial brands and services usage, brand positioning, customer satisfaction and adoption of emerging financial innovations.

Who we are

Improve Research & Analytics

We are a team of experienced research professionals with proven expertise in qualitative and quantitative research and advanced analytics. Our main job is to provide consumer insights and consulting services that help companies make smarter business decisions. We provide agile as well as comprehensive insights in variety of industries.

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